Get to know the ponies!


Hi, I'm Snoopy!  I am the smallest pony here at Pony Haven. My sweet demeanor and size makes me the perfect pony for really small children! Even babies!  I am also a very handsome little guy.  I am mostly black with a cute white snip on my nose and have one of the fullest, thickest manes you'll ever see. 


My name is Andy and I am the most handsome guy around. I am a tri-colored pony and have a beautiful white tail.  I also LOVE treats! Especially when I get my grain. Everyday during feeding time,  I stick my head through the barn window waiting for my hay! I have quite the personality. I am one of the biggest ponies here at Pony Haven which makes me great for older children. 


I am Annie! I look a lot like my brother Andy but there are a few differences. I am a bit smaller and have a beautiful white mane. I am also the sweetest girl you will ever meet! I am the perfect pony for young to middle aged children and love princess parties!  


Hi there! My name is Harley. I am the tallest pony out of the group and the only one that is solid black. I have a silly talent that always makes people laugh!  When I am resting from rides and eating grass, if I can't reach, I will go down on my knees to eat! It is always such a funny surprise! I love to be fed treats and do best with middle aged children. 


Hi! My name is Bling! I am the newest and youngest member of Pony Haven. I am currently in training right now to be the perfect party pony! Although I can not be ridden quite yet, I am available to be rented as a unicorn for photography mini sessions (pictures of that soon to come!). I'm a smaller pony so I will be perfect for young princess parties. I have lot's of potential and am excited to be a part of Pony Haven!


Hello! I am Amica! I run the show here at Pony Haven and the other ponies know it! Even with that being said, I am super easy going, gentle, and love to be around children. I have had years of experience in the party business and have now earned an official spot in retirement. I enjoy my days grazing in the pasture, getting all the treats I want, and of course, pushing the other ponies around!

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